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***There will be no volunteer registration for the 2021 Ocean Count events. 

***Please note that the 2021 Ocean Count events will be modified to ensure safe social distancing and to comply with all CDC and state guidelines. Rather than engaging numerous volunteers, we are planning on only having the trained and designated site leaders do the actual 2021 events.

We hope to return to our normal Ocean Count program in 2022!

Although our 2021 Ocean Counts are modified we invite the public to participate in “Sanctuary Whale Watchers”!

A separate whale watching project to help the sanctuary locate the whales this season. This is separate from Ocean Count.

View Sanctuary Whale Watchers flyer here!

When you go to the beach or out on a boat keep a look out for the whales. When you see one, remember where you saw it and what it was doing. Using your smartphone scan or a computer to go to the “Sanctuary Whale Watchers” form at https://fs26.formsite.com/oceancount/SanctuaryWhaleWatchers/index.html

The information you provide will be utilized to generate a “whale” map, which will eventually be available to view on https://hawaiihumpbackwhale.noaa.gov/.

Remember the following information about your whale(s)!

  1. Location seen.
  2. How many whales?
  3. What behaviors did you see? A blow, a dive down, a pec slap, a tail slap, or lucky enough to see a breach?
  4. Any other observations?

If you have questions, please contact oceancount@marinesanctuary.org.